The Merritt Parkway

6580 Main St, Greenwich, CT 06615.

Named a National Scenic byway in 2006 the Merritt Parkway is also known as CT Rte. 15 that stretches 37.5 miles from the New York State line in Greenwich to the western end of the Sikorsky Bridge over the Housatonic River in Bridgeport. Constructed in the 1930's to relieve traffic congestion it was built for pleasant transit as well as for development of the region as a major traffic artery to New York. The Merritt is known for its beautiful landscaping that features some 70,000 trees including 47,000 mountain laurel bushes, 11,000 evergreens and 3,777 dogwood trees. Another notable feature are the 66 whimsical Art Deco, Gothic, French Renaissance, Rustic, Neoclassic and Art Moderne styled bridges as well as the easy proximity of exits to nearby attractions in Fairfield County. The Merritt Parkway Museum is located at Ryder's Landing Shopping Center, 6580 Main St.,Stratford (exit 53). The museum is open Mon. - Fri., 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and features at 10 ft. long map of the parkway, a 30 minute video and bridge photography.