Barnum Museum - The Showman and The Irish: P.T. Barnum and Home Rule


820 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT Phone: 203-331-1104 .

2 p.m. This illustrated talk focuses on a single letter within The Barnum Museum's collection in which P.T. Barnum states his suppose for Home Rule in Ireland. The artifact is unique in that it is not a paper letter, but an engraved plate meant to be used to reproduce a letter. Join Registrar, Melissa Houston, as she walks through Barnum's Relationship with the Irish throughout his life. (Admission $5, Free for Members)

Jones Family Winery Rustic Dinner on the Terrace Sip & Savor Series: Connecticut Harvest Grill


606 Walnut Tree Hill Rd., Shelton, CT Phone: (203) 929-8425.

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Our Sip & Savors offer guests a light-hearted yet knowledgeable education on pairing foods and wine. Our chef prepares a farm-style family supper, which we enjoy with four wine tastings. We discuss the culture and flavor basics of what we are eating and drinking with our wine educator, a Jones farmer, and our chef. $65

Westport Historical Society -5 Rockstars of The American Revolution – Dynamic Drama Program

08/19/2013 to 08/23/2013

25 Avery Place, Westport, CT Phone: 203-222-1424.

10 a.m. 10 am – 2 pm, Ages 11-14, to register, 203-222-1424 Members: $265 Non-Members: $290. Starting Aug. 19, Frei will give a five-day camp at the Westport Historical Society based on her book "5 Rockstars of the American Revolution." And her Fab Five are indeed an all-star lineup – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin and Paul Revere. Each camp day will focus on a different star, the idea being to help the kids untap their inner resources and engage in creative fun while learning a valuable lesson from one of these great Americans.

Contemporary Print Making - The Painterly Print

08/20/2013 to 08/23/2013

299 West Ave., Norwalk, CT Phone: 203.899.7999 .

This 4-day workshop, with Julio Valdez, takes place from Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm each day, and is open to 8 participants. All levels welcome. This intensive workshop combines two of the most exciting and safe contemporary printmaking techniques: "silk aquatint" and "monotype". Participants use waterbased inks and a silk aquatint (silk collagraph) plate, a non-acid alternative to etching, to create a series of prints and related works on paper.

Beardsley Zoo - Sherwood Island State Park in Westport (On the Beach!)


Sherwood Island Connector, Westport, CT

12 to 3 p.m. The Zoomobile is coming to town! Join Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo to celebrate Connecticut's Year of the Snake. This live animal program features exotic, beautiful and fascinating snakes and their relatives from around the world. The Zoomobile is FREE. Check with venue for admission fees, if any.

Beardsley Zoo - Evening Lecture Series: The Call of the Apes


1875 Noble Ave., Bridgeport, CT Phone: (203) 394-6565.

7:00pm - 8:00pm. The white-handed gibbon is a threatened Southeast Asian ape species known for its pair bonding and sophisticated vocal behavior, including the complex song duets of mating pairs. Learn about Dr. Terleph's investigation into these fascinating songs and behaviors. He will recount his recent experiences recording from a large, free-living population of gibbons in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. $5 suggested donation. Refreshments will be served. This lecture, taking place in the Hanson Exploration Station, is part of the Evening Lecture Series, sponsored by Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo Volunteer Association.

Norwalk - Beginnings


Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk, CT Phone: 203-854-7938.

This tribute band brings to life the music of Chicago, recreating songs from every decade of that group's hits. The veteran New York musicians featured in the band are Jason Chapman (trumpet), Adam Colombo (drums/vocals), Rob Cutts (tenor sax), Joe DeMaio (guitar/vocals), Ed Leon (trombone/vocals), Marty Safran (keyboards/vocals), Adam Seely (alto sax) and Mason Swearingen (bass/vocals). NO RAIN DATE.  Each Wednesday night throughout the summer, area residents look forward to packing a picnic and a blanket and heading to the beach to enjoy a relaxing evening of music beside Long Island Sound. A $5.00 parking fee is charged for cars without a Norwalk beach sticker. For updates and additional information call the Norwalk Recreation and Parks Office at 203-854-7807. All concerts (except Gunsmoke and Beginnings) have a rain date of the following day. For cancellation information call 203-854-7938. A $20.00 parking fee is charged for cars without a Norwalk beach sticker.

The Avon - 2001: THE WARRIORS (1979)


272 Bedford St, Stamford, CT Phone: 203-967-3660.

9:00 p.m. In a dystopian near-future, when various gangs control New York City, each gang sports a unique moniker ('The Warriors,' 'The Baseball Furies,' 'The Rogues'), with a costume underscoring its "theme"; each, in turn, is also responsible for one geographic area. The city is a massive, violent playground - with vacant subway tunnels, abandoned buildings and the like. As the tale opens, Coney Island's The Warriors have traveled to the Bronx to attend a city-wide meeting of all gangs; at that event, however, the psychotic leader of a rival gang, The Rogues, assassinates the head of the city's foremost gang, but The Warriors are pegged as culpable. This sends the gang fleeing through the labyrinthine city. With every thug in Manhattan in vicious, homicidal pursuit. --Nathan Southern, Rovi

New Canaan Nature Center Farewell to Summer Night Hike


144 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, CT Phone: (203) 966-9577 x20.

7:30 -9:00 P.M. How do your nighttime senses compare to those of the nocturnal animals that call NCNC home? Join us for a guided night hike and try your hand at our naturalist-led challenges to find out! First we'll put your night vision to the test to find out if you can see as well as an owl in the dark. Then we'll focus on your sense of smell, hearing and touch! Please no flashlights (they lessen the experience of the night-time experience). For safety, staff will have emergency lights. Come dressed for the night weather & able to be outdoors in the dark for at least 1 hour. Space is limited, advance registration required.Members: $6/person / Non-Members: $10/person

Captain's Cove Seaport - 3rd Annual City By The Sea Art Fair

08/24/2013 to 08/25/2013

1 Bostwick Ave., Bridgeport, CT

Presented by the Black Rock Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (BRNRZ), Black Rock Community Council (BRCC) and Captain's Cove Seaport. Join us on August 24-25th for the third annual City by the Sea Art Fair (CSAF). A weekend-long juried art exhibition celebrating the vitality and creativity of our waterfront metropolis, to include live musical performances, samplings of some of our best local fare, and other special events. All artists working in New England with work focused on urban and maritime or coastal subjects matter may apply. The show's theme is light, water and industry. Prizes this year will consist of monetary awards as follows: Best of Show $150.00, 2nd Place $100.00, 3rd Place $50.00. Winners will also be awarded a Spring 2014 art show at Framemakers Gallery.