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18. The “Fish Church” A Mosaic of Color and Light and Sound

To reach your next destination, take a right onto Tresser Blvd., a right onto Atlantic St., at the junction of Broad St, and Atlantic St., go straight on Bedford St. where you will pass the contemporary styled First Presbyterian Church built by Wallace K. Harrison in 1958.  The structure inside and out resembles a fish; a symbol used in early Christianity. Known locally as the "Fish Church" it is embellished with an awe-inspiring series of stained glass windows consisting of 20,000 pieces of faceted glass by French artist Gabriel Loire.  The state's largest mechanical organ with 4,026 pipes and a tonal scheme adapted from Dutch organs of the 18th century is also part of the church.

On the grounds is the Maguire Memorial Carillon, a 56-bell instrument consisting of English and French bells, that produce sound that is noted for its clarity and depth. Music of all periods is played, and the sound of the bells blends beautifully with other instruments on special occasions.