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9. Sherwood Island – Beauty of the Sound

Continue on Rte. 1 (Post Rd.), take a right onto the Sherwood Island Connector /I-95 and follow to the entrance of Sherwood Island State Park. This park is named for the Sherwood family who were the original settlers in this area.  The park offers excellent bird watching, two beaches on either side of Sherwood Point, bathhouses, swimming, fishing, scuba diving, a nature trail, a nature center and concessions.  At the west end of the park there is a viewing deck.

In 2002, the State constructed a 9/11 Living Memorial dedicated to the Connecticut residents that lost their lives on September 11th.  The Memorial is located on Sherwood Point with a view of the Manhattan skyline where the World Trade Towers were once visible to the park. As you exit the Park, take I-95 North to exit 21 to Fairfield.