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6. Shea Island

Once called "Ram Island", this island was renamed after Daniel Shea, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient from Norwalk who died in the Vietnam War. Owned by Norwalk city government, the island is just northeast of Sheffield Island and about 4,000 yards south of Manressa Island. The entire shoreline of this 45-acre island is strewn with rocks and boulders. Many bird species are found on the island. Two solar powered restrooms are available seasonally along with 16 camping sites. Camping permits can be obtained from the Norwalk Recreation and Parks Department.

Open to the public May through Columbus Day, campers with permits can stay overnight at one of the 16 campsites. Permits can be obtained from the Norwalk Recreation and Parks Department.

Out of town residents will be charged a $25 camping registration fee and an additional $10 per night camping fee for use of Norwalk island parks. Norwalk residents providing proof of residency will be exempt from the registration fee, but will be required to pay a $10 per night camping fee. No refunds will be provided.

Overnight Permit Requests
A permit issued by the City of Norwalk Department of Recreation and Parks will be required for all overnight island camping. Permits will not be issued on site and are required prior to setting up camp. Overnight permits will only be issued at the Veteran's Park Boating Center or through the Norwalk Harbormasters Office, located at:
Norwalk City Hall
125 East Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06851

Camping registration requests are required 14 days prior to the camping date requested. All permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Campers on the islands without a valid permit will be required to remove all camping equipment.

Permit Details
Camping permits will expire at 11:00 am of the last authorized date. Vacant sites may be occupied after 11:00 am on the day of the permit. Permits will not be issued for more than seven consecutive nights. The maximum number of campers per permit is eight.  Camping is allowed in designated numbered campsites only.  A maximum of 16 designated campsites for each 24-hour period will be available to the public on a first come, first serve basis on Shea (Ram) Island.  Restroom facilities are available on Shea Island during the season. Please note that no fresh water is available on the island. Shea Island is designated a carry-in, carryout recreation area; no trash facilities are provided. All garbage and trash must be taken off the island by the user.

Additional Information
For further information about the fees and permit requirements of the Norwalk Island Park System, please contact Recreation and Parks Office at (203) 854-7806. Visit for more information regarding camping permits.