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7. Chimon Island

Chimon Island at 59 acres is the largest island in Norwalk's necklace of islands and is located less than a mile to the southeast of the entrance to Norwalk Harbor.

The north and west coasts of the island are gravely, and boulders are strewn along the south and east coasts. Although boaters may land at the three-acre beach at the northwest shore during the day, year round, access to the rest of the island is restricted from April 1 to August 15 each year  due to the bird-nesting season. There is no overnight camping  allowed.

Chimon Island is part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Reserve. This island  provides a refuge as well as a variety of habitats to wildlife, especially migratory birds, shoreline birds and long legged wading birds.

This refuge was named to honor US Congressman Stewart B. McKinney, who had an integral role in the refuge's formation that covers ten islands along seventy miles of the Connecticut Coast. For additional informaton