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3. On to Norwalk to cruise to Sheffield Island

From Bridgeport, take I-95 to Norwalk that has a cluster of family fun attractions sure to keep your family entertained for a day or more. Plan a boat ride out to Sheffield Island with the Norwalk Seaport Association from May – September.

The boat to Sheffield Island is located at the corner of North Water & Washington Streets in South Norwalk. There is ample parking at the Maritime IMAX parking lot. It is best to arrive at the Gazebo Dock 15 minutes before departure.

Take a relaxing cruise on the Sheffield Island Ferry to Sheffield Island where you will have exceptional views of the Manhattan Skyline, Greens Ledge Lighthouse, a spark plug styled lighthouse, the necklace of islands that surrounds Norwalk and the seaside town of Rowayton.

Every Thursday night from mid.-May through mid.-Sept. there is a clambake on the island as well as other special events hosted by the Norwalk Seaport Association.

In 1804 a Revolutionary War veteran named Capt. Robert Sheffield purchased what became known as Sheffield Island and became the first keeper of the Sheffield Island Lighthouse. The first lighthouse was built in 1827 to mark the dangerous ledges at the entrance to the Norwalk's busy harbor.

The stone mid.-Victorian styled lighthouse that you can explore today was built in 1868. A highlight of exploring the lighthouse is the climb to the tower that has exceptional views in all four directions. Sheffield Lighthouse was in use until 1902 when it was replaced by the newly erected Greens Ledge Light farther west.

Legend has it that Greens Ledge was named after a pirate named Green, who sailed with the infamous Captain Kidd. When Green was captured by authorities of the day, he was reportedly executed and his body hung from the ledge in chains as a warning to others thinking of entering the buccaneering trade.